It’s always there!

Your medical alert service will not disturb or interfere with your daily routine.  There is no requirement to “check-in” or alter your lifestyle in any way.  It’s simply there any time a need should arise.

It keeps you and your family and guests safe.

Some providers only allow the use of the system by the person who subscribed to the service.  We believe that any time anyone in your home is experiencing an emergency, it is an emergency for you also.  Any time you or anyone in your home needs assistance help is a button push away.

It’s not just for medical emergencies.

Your medical alert system is for any emergency!  If you have a heath problem, an injury, a fire or even a concern for your safety, just push for help.  Your  emergency operator will send you exactly who you need, whether it is a friend, neighbor, family member, police, fire or paramedic.

It gets you help, even when you can’t speak.

Some providers will only send a friend, neighbor or family member if you cannot speak to them when you press your button.  If they are unable to reach someone that you know personally you may get no help at all!  Our monitoring center protocol allows each user to tailor their emergency response to exactly what they know they will need, even if they are unable to speak.  This protocol includes dispatching police, fire department and paramedics if that is part of your requested protocol and always in the event that there are no personal responders available.  Your emergency operator will stay on your case until help arrives.