Because we put client safety first we care about what type of service our clients choose.  In all our years in this industry it still shocks us to see how our seniors can be victimized by advertising and hype. 

Sadly, there has been heavy advertising recently of a “newer” mobile technology involving GPS tracking.  This type of device advertises that you can take it anywhere with you and they will be able to locate you and send help to you anywhere.  What most vendors don’t tell you, except in very fine print after you have signed up, is that in order to reach help:

    • The device must be fully charged (clearly it won’t always be)
    • The device cannot be worn while charging (so don’t need help during that time)
    • You must be within cell range of their cellular network to reach them
    • Unless you can speak to them and tell them exactly where you are they may not be able to locate you
    • Most companies will consider an EIGHT block radius within “tolerance”
    • This device will work better outdoors than indoors 

So while mobile devices do have the potential to help in some circumstances away from home, they can leave you at greater risk within your home where you are the most vulnerable of going undetected in an emergency!

Yet, the most frightening part to us is how our seniors are falling prey to the heavy television advertising and sales pitches being made at senior centers, and never reading the fine print. 

When have you seen a news story of  a senior falling in the grocery store and going undetected for hours?  However,  far too many  suffer and die needlessly within their own homes. 

Being the newest technology does not make something the safest or best

If you feel very strongly that you need a mobile emergency device, we are happy to discuss this with you, and we do offer mobile solutions that may be helpful depending on your individual circumstances .  The goal of Hardiman Support Services is always to help our clients find the best solutions for their needs.