In 1994, inspired by a family tragedy and born out of a genuine social need, a new idea in service companies was formed. Hardiman Support Services (HSS) combines a wisdom born of personal experience and the skill of more than 30 years of professional experience to bring the technology of assistive service and equipment specifically to the elderly and disabled communities. This winning combination of compassion and skill is what makes HSS exceptional. All services and equipment are carefully tested and reviewed by elderly and disabled users prior to earning the recommendation of HSS.

Before choosing a service provider ask these questions:

What will my length of contract be?

HSS requires no minimum length of contract. Our service is available for both short and long term use.

Must I purchase any equipment or pay for maintenance?

HSS provides all equipment FREE as part of the service and provides a lifetime warranty. We will also replace your equipment FREE as technology improves, so you always have equipment that will provide you the best service available.

Do you provide payment assistance for clients that can not afford the monthly monitoring charge?

HSS’s goal is to provide service to anyone who has a serious need, regardless of ability to pay. We offer payment reductions to those who require either temporary or permanent assistance. HSS has not had a price change since 1997, and in 1997 our prices were reduced. We continue to seek ways to maintain low cost to all clients. Don’t be fooled by low “introductory” rates offered by some companies, who may raise your rates later.  Over 25% of all our profits go to charity and assistance to others.


Customer testimonials:

Thanks for all your help in providing the Medical Alert system for my mother.  It gave us all peace-of-mind for the last year and a half.  Sincerely, Michael P

Thank you so much for your services.  I don’t think I would be alive if not for your services.  Betty C

I have been pleased with the follow-up and response.  It has given me a confortable feeling of safety and confidence.  Jean L

Thanks again for all your help and kindness. I can’t tell you how rare it is to find someone like you.  God bless you.  Teri S

I just wanted to thank you for your kindness to me and my family, Peg.  I don’t find people often in this world that have the kind attitude that you have.  It is obvious that you care about people and I appreciate this quality that you display. Thanks again.  Sherrie S

Thank you for all the years I have been with you. Everyone has always been very gracious when answering my alert button.  I will always highly recommend you to my friends or anyone I meet who may be looking for a good alert system.  Always, Audrey M

Thank you for providing service to my grandfather. My family is forever thankful for your time and patience. VS

Thank you so much for the years of “peace of mind” your service has provided for my mother. Sincerely, Millicent B

Bless you, Peg, for all your efforts on our behalf.  We feel like we have a real advocate in you…You truly are dedicated to helping people.  KC