As a healthcare provider you know how important it is for people to feel secure and independent when dealing with a chronic illness, recovering from surgery or just coping with the natural course of aging. Providing the right mix of healthcare services at home is important in improving patient outcomes and quality of life. It is our mission to assist healthcare providers by providing 24-hour interactive monitoring services to complement healthcare at home.

Benefits for the Patient

  • Provides peace of mind and security
  • Promote secure, independent living
  • Ensures family and providers are notified in event of a medical/environmental emergency
  • Rapid intervention reduces severity of an emergency and increases likelihood of recovery

Benefits for the Healthcare Provider

  • Contains severity through early intervention, reducing cost
  • Facilitates safe discharge from hospital to home
  • Complements traditional homecare services
  • Ensures that health directive and response protocols are followed during an¬†emergency

Discounts are available for members of your group plan, please contact us for further information.