Accessories, Products and Services
It is our pleasure to provide you information on accessories, products and services that can enhance your life and independence.  All accessories and products are offered at our cost, plus shipping/handling. All accessories, products and services are thoroughly tested by HSS before earning our endorsement. We will only refer to Service Providers that we feel are of the highest integrity and who place great value on customer service.

Key Safe Lockbox –
by Shurlok

We recommend that all clients purchase a key safe lockbox for their home in order to avoid the possibility of forced entry by emergency personnel in the event of an actually emergency or even a false alarm.

Any key safe will work. They are inexpensive and readily available at most hardware stores.  They allow you to set your own combination, hold several keys and can be handy if you lock yourself out or need to give friends or family access.

Our favorite, which you can obtain from us, is the Shurlok in black with high contrast numbers.  It will lock around any conventional round door knob or even a designer door handle (as shown above).  It will not stay attached to lever type door handles, but can still be used with our over the door bracket.

Shurlok $35 – Optional Over the Door Bracket – $5

We will gladly preset the combo for you for free.  Contact us for more information.

The MedCenter System – Never miss meds again! 

We love, love, LOVE this medication dispenser!  We have tried many and… this is by far our favorite.  The features we love are almost too many to list, but here are some:

This system is affordable, simple to use and long lasting! 
Many of the dispenser systems we tested were very pricey, some more than $300.  They were often complicated to use, glitchy and didn’t have the longevity of this one.  Our original MedCenter System is still in daily use after more that two years!

It holds 31 days of medications, up to 4 doses a day, in numbered individual daily containers that are portable…. allowing you to carry your daily dose with you on the go!  Each day is numbered with the date, allowing dispensing of different daily meds depending on the day, for meds that may not be taken daily.

The MedCenter System has a high visibility clock that not only helps to keep us day and date oriented but offers an optional talking alarm that can issue an audible reminder to take our meds, for those of us who can use a gentle reminder.

We found by adjusting the system slightly it can go from upright, standing on a table or counter to sideways to sit on a shelf or in a cupboard, allowing us to keep ours at eye level where is is easily visible! The Red & Green color coding shows when daily doses are complete & when it is almost time to refill!  This system retails nationally for $75.
 Now available to our clients for only $58*

*price includes shipping and handling.